DSK Mobiliz


Product Overview

An indigenous, first in the world and only Solar powered mobile computing product at an affordable cost and high on performance, usage and applications. It caters to varied needs of the specific user with flexibility for several configurations at the manufacturing level. Some of the intended uses are Financial Inclusion(FI), Public Distribution System(PDS), Micro Finance, Dairy Automation, On-Field Data collection, Insurance and many more.


  • Unconventional design as it’s NOT a laptop or a tablet, but a total new “Avatar” of computing device.
  • Light weight & ergonomic design with QWERTY keyboard, adjustable TFT 7 display, which can be laid flat or angled for better viewing while sitting in a Kiosk or holding or on the lap while sitting cross legged in Indian style.
  • Multi lingual & user friendly GUI with 7″ touch screen helps to understand and learn the technology quickly and with ease.
  • Only 3.5 watts of power consumption as compared to normal laptop which consumes about 100+ watts.This reduces power consumption drastically and saves power to the nation.
  • Less heat dissipation contributing to GREEN environment.
  • Portable solar-photovoltaic panels provides uninterrupted power supply which helps in continuity of work even with non-availability of electricity which is the first and of the far most uniqueness.
  • The body is made of injection moulded ABS plastics to form a rugged device with a long duty life.
  • Highly secured financial / non-financial transactions using Smartcard, Biometric.
  • STQC certified as per micro ATM standards.

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