Grameen Dukan has a vision of creating entrepreneurs (e-Vikreta) in village locations. We came up with a solution, “Grameen Dukan”, which can reach out to the bottom of the pyramid of socio-economic group. We enable village consumers of purchasing products of their need. Providing village consumer’s entry into mainstream internet based e-Commerce business is a big challenge given their education and lack of knowledge about internet based applications. We provide training to e-Vikreta and make them understand need of such marketplace. We will be providing solution to their doorstep with our channel reach in village locations. Grameen Dukan Revenue would be a major contributor to the overall revenue for the company.

The business model would have e-Vikreta’s purchasing various logistics products like Solars , Sewing Machines, Home Appliances and Mobile Phones from our portal , mobile recharge facilities selling it to end customer. By the end of March 2017, we would be having maximum number of e-vikretas on our portal covering major regions of M.P.

We are very sure that through each e-Vikreta, DSKDT would sell the logistics product and even non logistics product like micro Insurance Products.