The Census is the most credible source of information on Demography (Population characteristics), Economic Activity, Literacy and Education, Housing & Household Amenities, Urbanization, Fertility and Mortality.

With DSK Mobiliz, fast and accurate data collection is possible as it has adequate security & all the features inbuilt into a single device.

Using DSK Mobiliz, sugar factory chit boy can easily conduct pre & post-harvesting survey of farmers.

Farmer’s details, farm details, sugarcane quality, harvester’s information, transporter’s data along with photographs can easily be entered on DSK Mobiliz and sent to the sugar factory centralized system.

Women & Child health & malnutrition survey project
POC for health & malnutrition survey project for women & child was conducted using DSK Mobiliz . The device was handled by Anganwadi workers who could optimize on their productivity with DSK Mobiliz by enrolling & verifying mother & child data using Biometric, Camera & Smartcard features of DSK Mobiliz. The device gave continuity of work by use of solar power charging in remote villages.